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Reviving your carpets and rugs from dents helps you increase their lifespan while negating the need to replace them whenever you wish to re-arrange your furniture. All you’ll need to get the job done is an ice cube, a cloth, and a flat coin (10p or 2p coin recommended).



Clear the area around the dent before continuing. If you’re removing a dent from a rug, place a towel, or any other absorbent material underneath to protect your flooring.


Now take a large ice cube from your freezer and place it on the dent, then leave it to melt for four hours.


Once the ice cube has melted, use a dry cloth to soak up the excess moisture by blotting the area.


Then, use your coin to brush and fluff up the fibres in the dented area to match the rest of your carpet or rug.

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