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Space saving hacks for home offices

Working from home can force you to forge work areas out of almost any space around the house. This can easily result in you working in a cramped corner with no room for any of the things you need and want in your setup. Whatever your situation; it’s important to create something that’s comfortable to work in.

Instead of trying to adapt an existing setup, you might find it easier to strip it right back and start from scratch with a blank canvas. This lets you add things as you go as opposed to working around things that are already there.

  • Turn anywhere into your office
  • Store vertically
  • Cut down on clutter
  • Manage your cables
  • Put it away
Turn anywhere into your office
Turn anywhere into your office

  • You don’t need a whole room to work in. You can transform part of your living room or bedroom into your office with the help of a desk and some compact office storage options.
  • Keep it unobtrusive and avoid bulk when it comes to office furniture. You’ll want something more slimline when it comes to your desk and chair. Try and find something that complements your décor.
  • Doubling up on a space like a spare bedroom lets you set up a home office without it looking out of place.

Store vertically
Store vertically

  • Making the most of vertical space is a great way to avoid using up floor space without sacrificing how much space you’ve got to store things. A peg board is a great way to organise vertically.
  • Go below the desk or above your monitor to keep all your office essentials close-by without eating into your available floor space.
  • Fitting modular shelving to the wall about your desk gives you a both practical and stylish solution.

Cut down on clutter
Cut down on clutter

  • Adopt a minimalist philosophy if desk space is a premium. A little clutter is natural when it comes to a workspace but try to avoid having lots of stuff on your work surfaces.
  • Cramming too much on your desk completely shrinks it, so save it for stuff that you’re using on a daily basis

Manage your cables
Manage your cables

  • Messy cables and wires only add to your clutter, so it’s worth investing in a quick and easy cable-management solution.
  • Only keep your essential cables to-hand and do your best to keep all of them together to keep mess to a minimum.

Put it away
Put it away

  • While it’s more of a bespoke option, building a foldaway desk is the perfect space-saving solution that can be neatly tucked away when you don’t need it.
  • As well as helping you maintain a work-life balance, it only takes up space during office hours.
  • It can be built to perfect suit your available space and installed anywhere to suit your needs, giving you a completely personalised way to work.

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