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We will be using dark chocolate with a cocoa solid mass of between 55% & 65%.

Place the chocolate in a saucepan with the induction hob set to the lowest setting.

After approximately 20 minutes the cocoa butter in the chocolate will contain very few stable beta crystals and the chocolate will be in the melted state.

Keep heating the chocolate until it reaches 45oC.

Pour about two thirds of the melted chocolate onto the cool worktop and using a palette knife and chocolate scraper, keep the chocolate moving on the worktop until it thickens.

When the chocolate on the worktop has reduced to 27oC immediately scrape it back into the saucepan with the other third of the chocolate.

Mix the chocolate together with a spatula until they are completely combined and the temperature of the chocolate comes back up to 32oC.

Put the palette knife into the chocolate, scrape off one side and place on the worktop.

If the chocolate sets after 1 - 2 minutes the chocolate is in temper and you can use it to make moulds, shards or chocolate dipping sauce.

As the chocolate is in temper it will set well, have a shiny appearance and a lovely "snap" when eaten.

To make chocolate shards, spread the chocolate onto parchment or baking paper and decorate with freeze-dried fruit, nuts or sprinkles.