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When it comes to accentuating the look of your garden fence when the sun goes down, the right complementary lighting can go a long way. It’s ideal for adding a comfortable ambience and allowing you to make the most of warm summer evenings, or even drawing attention to specific design features in and around your garden.

You can really tailor your lighting choices to your garden layout and design, with a wide range of styles available to help you find the perfect fit for your space and bring it to life. Choosing the right complementary lighting will have your fence looking its best all day and all night.

String lights
  • Probably the most common choice; string lights are the usual go-to for fence lighting thanks to their versatile design and quaint decorative style. Not to mention they’re affordable, available in large quantities and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for adding a cosy glow around your garden boundary.
  • Solar-powered options save the need for manually switching on and off, and don’t require access to a power source.
  • Perfect for garden parties, they can be wrapped around your fence posts and draped across your fence panels to bring a fun and playful atmosphere to your outdoor space.
  • From vintage-style and coloured bulbs to lanterns and even rustic jars- there are a huge variation of string light styles to choose from.
  • Try running them overhead from one side of your fencing to the other, to create a welcoming canopy effect over your patio, decking or seated area.
Solar fencepost lights
  • An easy way to evenly space your garden fence lighting is by using solar-powered fence post lights. Without the need for any wiring, they can simply be screwed onto your fence posts for perfectly balanced garden lighting.
  • To avoid damaging your timber, lightweight plastic lights should be used as opposed to metal.
  • They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, from lanterns, to modern wall lights and even caps that sit atop your fence posts to help you achieve some sophisticated style.
Stake lights
  • If you don’t want to install lights on the fence itself, stake lights are an easy alternative that can provide feature lighting as well as atmospheric lighting.
  • They’re always either solar or battery-powered, so you don’t need to worry about wiring. Not only are they convenient, but cost-effective too. Meaning you can transform the look of your garden on a small budget.
  • Ideal for when a flower bed or planters border your garden fence, they can be stuck into the lawn or soil to cast light up against your fence, while also drawing attention to your plants and flowers and adding a wonderfully decorative touch.
Feature lighting
  • In contemporary and compact gardens without a lawn, you can use fence lights to light specific features and areas.
  • They can illuminate a BBQ or outdoor cooking station or light up your outdoor dining area for alfresco eating at night.
  • Bring attention to your favourite plants and garden ornaments, with tactically placed mounted wall lights.