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When it comes to motivating yourself to work from home, it helps to have a workspace that you actively want to work in. Create a workstation for yourself that you look forward to sitting down in and you’ll find that you’re happier to work all day and maximise productivity.

It’s all about finding balance, with the need for an area that feels professional and focused while also offering comfort. Whether you’ve got an entire room to work in or just a small corner, kitting it out properly is the best way to inspire productivity and get yourself looking forward to sitting down for work.

Stay lit
  • Make sure to let plenty of natural light into your work area. It can make small spaces feel much bigger, plus it keeps you focused and alert.
  • Being able to see and feel sunlight keeps you connected to the outdoors, helping you to avoid feeling cooped up or kept inside during work hours.
  • A well lit work area is essential as it helps to minimise headaches, eye strain and blurred vision, all of which make it difficult to stay productive. Table and floor lights allow for focused light for your work area.
Get green
  • Bring nature inside and decorate your workspace with a few indoor plants. With so many options to choose from, you can go big or small to suit your available space.
  • Plants not only help you feel calm, which is particularly handy during busy days, but also breathe life into your space by cleaning the air.
  • Go for something low maintenance to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants without the need for constant care.
Consider colour
  • Be sure to consider colour theory and think about how different colours, shades and hues can affect how you feel when working from home.
  • Light blues and greens encourage focus and efficiency, while more intense colours like red can be too much on the senses if there’s a lot of it.
Optimise space
  • Setting up your home workstation to perfectly suit your needs makes it easier to work at your best. Set it up so that everything you need most is always within reach.
  • Rather than cramming things into corners and tight spaces, think about how you can make the most of vertical space. It’s important to keep mess to a minimum and stay organised.

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