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Staying on-trend with your paint is the best way to keep your walls up-to-date with the latest looks. They provide the perfect inspiration for your next paint project and give you an idea as to what colours and styles people are gravitating towards. A simple makeover in any room can have a big impact, and the paint you use is more than just a decorative choice, it’s an emotive one too. It affects how you feel about certain spaces, which means you need to give your colour scheme some serious thought.

Moody hues
  • A perfect way to define spaces clearly is juxtaposing colours, and dark, moody colours add depth and visual interest when they’re utilised in rooms adjacent from rooms with lighter colours.
  • Everything from deep green to charcoal offer bold additions to any home and are really well suited to the chillier months in autumn and winter.
  • Nothing says fresh start like a restorative neutral colour scheme. They help you move away from colder tones for a cocooning effect that makes your space feel cosier.
  • Making over your room with neutral hues still gives you a perfect base from which you can add colourful highlights that accent it. Add emotion with the addition of layered textures and tones.
Earth tones
  • You can make a room feel comfortable and inviting with the right earthy tones. They add warmth and help to create positive feelings with their emotional impact.
  • Their grounding effect can turn your bedroom or living room into a sanctuary, with pigments that are drawn from natural materials.
  • Clay and terracotta paint colours sit in a colour palette of plaster pink, burnt orange, spiced ochre and charcoal black.
Colourful wall panelling
  • Interior wall cladding might not be quite as simple as a fresh coat of paint, but it’s not a huge amount of extra work once you’ve measured and settled on your design, and it has a big impact.
  • Once you’ve added your wall panelling, you can add your colour of choice and think about how you want to implement it. Create a clean contrast by only going halfway up the wall and juxtaposing crisp white ceilings and upper walls with a darker colour on your panels.
Go green
  • Serene shades of green introduce a natural feel and have a calming effect by bringing the outside inside.
  • They’re a great fit for any room of the house and offer a restorative quality by evoking the therapeutic powers of nature, breathing new life into any space.

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