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Succulents and pebbles

Gardens with limited green space force you to get creative when it comes to incorporating flowers. They can brighten up any outdoor space, bringing life and colour to even the drabbest areas.

It doesn’t take much to plant on the roof of your shed or outbuilding, so you can look outside and enjoy watching your plants grow and change throughout the year.

Corrugated roofing
Seal the roof

  • Before you do any planting you’ll need to make sure your roof is properly sealed.

  • This ensures that nothing can leak or get through.
  • You’ll also need to check that the roof is sturdy enough to support a green roof.
cutting mesh
Put down meshing

  • A layer of mesh will also stop compost from falling or leaking from the roof. 

  • This can be held down by a simple timber framework.

Grasses and pebbles
Add a layer of gravel

  • Not only does gravel provide a decorative base, but it also offers protection against wind erosion.

  • A solid base will prevent your compost or soil from being blown away by high winds.
Soil and trowel
Choose your soil

  • Go for a soil that is lightweight that doesn’t put too much pressure on the roof structure. 

  • You can get green roof substrate, designed specifically for sedum or wildflowers.
  • Consider the balance of water drainage and water retention - this is important to the sustainability of your green roof.
Choosing your plants
  • Succulents are well suited to the conditions of rooftop planting, thanks to their ability to grown in smaller amounts of soil and store water.
  • Look for frost-hardy plants or be prepared to cover them during the colder winter months.