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The warm summer months are the perfect time to set up an outdoor cinema in your garden, and a crucial part of that setup is your projector. They’re the source of whatever you’re watching, throwing it up on your wall, sheet or screen for everyone to see. There are a huge variety of different options out there to suit any budget or garden space.

4K laser projectors
  • For anyone serious about their outdoor home cinema, 4K laser projectors are top of the range and at the high-end of the budget scale.
  • They’re ideal for movies and sports, projecting in crystal-clear 4K so that you can see every little detail.
  • With a high number of lumens, you’re not restricted to just watching at night. They’re made to be usable no matter the ambient brightness or time of day.
Projectors with built-in speakers
  • You’re saved the hassle of rigging up a separate sound system, so you can run both visuals and audio through the projector.
  • Having sound built-in doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on picture quality. You still get a stunning full HD image and impressive brightness for viewing at any time of day.
Budget projectors
  • You don’t need to break the bank to get a reliable projector for your outdoor cinema.
  • Budget projectors still offer HD image quality from a good distance and solid brightness that makes sure you’re not held back.
Portable projectors
  • Portable projectors offer lots of versatility, in terms of both compatibility and where you can use them.
  • Their compact size makes them a breeze to carry and set up wherever you go, and they tend to be pretty budget-friendly too.
  • You can use a variety of different devices to stream your entertainment, and even connect headphones if you don’t want the built-in speakers to bother anyone around you.
Smart projectors
  • You can keep everything simple and wireless for a simpler setup, with options that let you connect your phone and blow everything up on the big screen.
  • They use WiFi connectivity to sync up with pretty much any smartphone, which makes things really easy for your outdoor cinema setup.

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