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Forest Garden Half Burford Lattice Corner Garden Arbour
The gorgeous Burford half arbour from Forest has a unique, eye-catching design that can comfortably sit 3-4 people. The arbour is incredibly open, allowing you to enjoy your garden views to the fullest. For a durable build that can withstand ...Read more
Forest Garden Parisienne Trellis Garden Arbour - 1540
The Parisienne arbour from Forest offers a Mediterranean inspired, shaded place to sit that can be enhanced with climbing plant life covering the diamond trellis panels. The slatted roof allows light through whilst also offering protection against the rain. This ...Read more
Forest Garden Ryeford Wooden Curved Trellis Garden Arch
The Ryeford garden arch has an elegant curved top that will enhance a stunning garden or walkway entrance. The trellis side panels are the perfect place to grow climbing plants such as wisteria to create a colourful, sweet-smelling focal point ...Read more
Forest Garden Whitby Gothic Slatted Wooden Garden Arch
Inspired by the iconic whalebone arch on Whitbys seafront, our new Whitby Arch will add a beautiful focal point in any garden. The thick section rails are perfect for training climbing plants. The arch features posts with an extended curved ...Read more