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Duct tape is the ideal adhesive solution for a wide variety of interior and exterior jobs around your home, thanks to its versatile performance and rugged durability that allows it to withstand the toughest conditions.

Made from a cloth backed adhesive that’s coated with a thin layer of flexible plastic, duct tape is strong, tough and waterproof making it ideal for protecting, reinforcing, sealing and repairing.

Our range of duct tape includes choices from Duck tape, Gorilla tape and T-Rex cloth tape. Available in a range of colour options to match your surfaces, we have a choice of white duct tape, black duct tape, classic silver and clear finishes. You can find the perfect adhesive tape for your needs, no matter the type or scale of your project.

For secure and double-sided sticking, mounting tape offers pressure-sensitive adhesion to rough or smooth surfaces. From wood and brick to plastic and glass, mounting tape is suitable for use on natural and man-made surfaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors for a quick and easy permanent bond.

For fast and easy fixes, repair tape is airtight, impervious and sunlight resistant making it an ideal temporary solution. Patch, seal and hold any surface, from leaking inflatable pools and ripped fabric seat cushions, to broken car headlights and wing mirrors.

Cloth tape is designed to hold on to rough and dirty surfaces, making it an excellent choice for long term outdoor repairs. With a reinforced structure to protect against all weather conditions, the tough and resistant structure is also ideal for heavy-duty packing and binding.